How To Organize Your Prophetic Manuscript

Learn to correctly organize your completed print manuscript step-by-step.

Holy Spirit led projects require supernatural solutions not canned plans and run-of-the-mill practices. Prophetic writers need information and tools to assist them in "discerning how to organize and professionally present" their manuscript.

The School of the Scribe understands the prophetic writer's journey, processes, nuances and perspectives (even in the extremes) from the beginning of the writing process to the finalized printed book. Unfortunately, not many editors, writing coaches, writing mentors, etc. understand, honor, has patience for or appreciate that process. This is where this course inside The School of the Scribe steps in. We are here to help the prophetic writer explore that process in detail.

Many prophetic writers who are pursuing self-publishing options are not prepared to present their manuscript to an editor - even though they have finished writing it. It is important to note that "being finished with writing a book" does not mean that the manuscript is in the correct format.

If you are planning to publish the book yourself through a service like Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark, etc., then this course will help you with getting that manuscript ready for the editor, proofreader and then the printer. Learning more about the manuscript formatting process can save tons of time, money, and tremendous frustration.

This course, How To Organize Your Prophetic Manuscript, is specifically designed to help "prophetic writers" navigate the manuscript formatting process with simplicity and greater ease. The insight and activities are provided by Theresa Harvard Johnson's experience with self-publishing as well as with guiding hundreds of writers through their manuscript formatting process.

Any prophetic writer seeking simple, easy to follow solutions for organizing their God ordained manuscripts in one place.


  • Why editors request manuscripts in specific formats
  • What elements are expected in a standard manuscript
  • What elements are optional in a standard manuscript
  • The function and purpose of each element of a standard manuscript
  • Formatting speciality manuscripts poetry, children's books
  • What to include or not include in a children's "picture" book manuscript
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about obtaining a Library Congress Number
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about obtaining a Preassigned Control Number from the Library of Congress including how to get one
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about obtaining a copyright in cluding how to obtain free and purchased ones
  • Why certain parts of a manuscript are important are non-negotiable
  • The significance of chapters and book sections
  • BONUS: Pitfalls to prophetic manuscript formatting and how to overcome them
  • BONUS: How to deal with prophetic ideas that would not normally work in a standard manuscript
  • BONUS: Understanding and responding to the opposition prophetic writers face with manuscript formatting and editing
  • BONUS: Download samples of documents to use as templates in your projects that specifically relates to the prophetic writing community

You can expect to see SCREEN SHOTS to give you visual examples, some short tutorial videos, links to ALL the resources discussed, along with a list editing and publishing resources from trusted publishers and editors we believe in at The School of the Scribe.

Online conferences hosted by Prophetic Publishing Solutions™ are designed to help prophetic writers sort through the publishing processes piece-by-piece, step-by-step with those who understand their “prophetic assignment” while obtaining revelatory understanding about their process; and gaining the skills and/or resources needed to begin, advance or complete their projects with excellence (professionally).


Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is recognized globally as the progenitor of The Scribal Anointing® teachings, a comprehensive revelation of the 21st-century office of the prophetic scribe.
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The online School of the Scribe is the premiere educational center for prophetic scribes and prophetic writers who are developing and growing in the 21st-century calling of the "office of the scribe," the revelation of The Scribal Anointing® as released through Theresa Harvard Johnson, the originator of this comprehensive view of the present day anointing of the scribe. All the teachings in this school are based exclusively on original biblical study, historical and revelatory application.