The Scribal Realm of Ezekiel the Prophet

In this two-day webinar, Theresa Harvard Johnson will walk prophetic scribes through, what is perhaps, the most SPECTACULAR scribal journey in all of the scriptures: The Scribal Realm of Ezekiel the Prophet. Participants will journey through the time in which Ezekiel lived, explore the world in which he served as priest and prophet -- and uncover uncommon and often awkward scribal anointing upon his life. Specifically, we will dig into Ezekiel as a scribal priest, dream writer, writing prophet, demonstrative prophet, and scribal commander while applying lessons from his life to scribes today.

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Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is recognized globally as the progenitor of The Scribal Anointing® teachings, a comprehensive revelation of the 21st-century office of the prophetic scribe.

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The online School of the Scribe is the premiere educational center for prophetic scribes and prophetic writers who are developing and growing in the 21st-century calling of the "office of the scribe," the revelation of The Scribal Anointing® as released through Theresa Harvard Johnson, the originator of this comprehensive view of the present day anointing of the scribe. All the teachings in this school are based exclusively on original biblical study, historical and revelatory application.