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Am I a prophetic scribe
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Addressing Plagiarism & Copyright for Prophetic Scribes

The Scribes of the Scriptures
Who were the biblical scribes?
Most Common Scribal Functions in Scripture
Making Sense of the Scribes Calling PT I
Making Sense of the Scribes Calling PT II

The Prophetic Scribe
Defining The Prophetic
Defining The Prophetic Scribe
Top Four Indicators of a Prophetic Scribe Calling

Am I a Prophetic Scribe
Am I a prophetic scribe
Take My Scribal Gifts Inventory

Plagiarism and copyright violation are critical issues in the academic, literaray, and creative arts arenas. It is becoming an increasing ethical issue among congregations and prophetic groups as well. This is intrinsically a scribal issue, especially since scribal ministry runs through every major vein of society (professionally, academically and spiritually) and is just now rising to the forefront in apostolic-prophetic communities. As a result, this session is included to help raise awareness about this issue.

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