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Jumpstart Your Prophetic Writing Flow
Breaking Free
Preparing To Learn
My Writing Testimony
Be Yourself
The Jumpstart
Your Writing Position

Prophetic Writing
Three Types of Writing in the Spirit
Writing in the Spirit Type I & Activation
Writing in the Spirit Type II & Activation
Writing in the Spirit Type III & Activation
Activating & Nurturing Creativity in Writing
Using PROPHETIC Writing Prompts
You Betta Write Like Crazy

Spiritual Sensitivity Training
Understanding Your Prophetic Writing Flow
How Holy Spirit Trains Prophetic Writers
The Cornerstone
BONUS Finishing What You Started
Maintaining Your Prophetic Writing Flow

As we start this course, I wanted to encourage you with my own personal testimony about writing. I was one of those kids who graduated from high school but never learned to write an essay or a term paper. So after taking the college freshman exam, I was placed in remedial English classes which I failed continuously. At one point, a teacher told me that I wasn't college material... and that I definitely shouldn't pursue journalism since I could not grammatically write a sentence, develop a main idea or formulate a conclusion to my essay attempts. Thing is, I wanted to be a poet, a journalist and someday an author... desperately. Pushing past these hard places made my dream a reality.

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