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Jumpstart Your Prophetic Writing Flow
Breaking Free
Preparing To Learn
My Writing Testimony
Be Yourself
The Jumpstart
Your Writing Position

Prophetic Writing
Three Types of Writing in the Spirit
Writing in the Spirit Type I & Activation
Writing in the Spirit Type II & Activation
Writing in the Spirit Type III & Activation
Activating & Nurturing Creativity in Writing
Using PROPHETIC Writing Prompts
You Betta Write Like Crazy

Spiritual Sensitivity Training
Understanding Your Prophetic Writing Flow
How Holy Spirit Trains Prophetic Writers
The Cornerstone
BONUS Finishing What You Started
Maintaining Your Prophetic Writing Flow

Yes, I know you've completed quite a bit of writing in this course all ready. It's time to intensify your EXERCISE program now or should I say WRITE like a fitness guru. In this session, we will explore the different types of literary forms found in the scripture. You will be challenged to explore these forms as tools to increase your prophetic writing flow.

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