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Prophetic Documenting
Course Preparation
Welcome to Prophetic Documenting
Course Introduction
Student Preparation
The Call To Document
Explaining Prophetic Documenting

Prophetic Documenting
Understanding Credibility
Starting From Where You Are
Understanding Sources
Four Types of Documentation That Guide Narratives
Verifying Your Sources
You Need Tools

How To Document
Legal Issues Pertaining To Documenting
How To Apply Attribution
Ethical Context of Documentation
When & How To Get Permission
How to Conduct Professional Interviews
Documenting Photographs
Documenting Using Video Footage
Documenting Email & Text Messages

Preserving & Protecting History
How To Avoid the Fake News Trap
How to Preserve Your Stories
How to Present Your Stories
Your Documentation Matters
Donating Your Scribal Project
BONUS: Uncommon Sources of Public Information

The Blessing of the Prophetic Recorder
Prophetic Prayer of Identity Over Prophetic Recorders
Prophetic Prayer Over Individuals & Groups Standing for Marginalized People
Prophetic Declarations Concerning Record Keeping & Inclusive Histories Through The Scriptures
Prophetic Prayer for Whistle Blowers
Prophetic Prayer Against Fake News

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