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Prophetic Documenting
Course Preparation
Welcome to Prophetic Documenting
Course Introduction
Student Preparation
The Call To Document
Explaining Prophetic Documenting

Prophetic Documenting
Understanding Credibility
Starting From Where You Are
Understanding Sources
Four Types of Documentation That Guide Narratives
Verifying Your Sources
You Need Tools

How To Document
Legal Issues Pertaining To Documenting
How To Apply Attribution
Ethical Context of Documentation
When & How To Get Permission
How to Conduct Professional Interviews
Documenting Photographs
Documenting Using Video Footage
Documenting Email & Text Messages

Preserving & Protecting History
How To Avoid the Fake News Trap
How to Preserve Your Stories
How to Present Your Stories
Your Documentation Matters
Donating Your Scribal Project
BONUS: Uncommon Sources of Public Information

The Blessing of the Prophetic Recorder
Prophetic Prayer of Identity Over Prophetic Recorders
Prophetic Prayer Over Individuals & Groups Standing for Marginalized People
Prophetic Declarations Concerning Record Keeping & Inclusive Histories Through The Scriptures
Prophetic Prayer for Whistle Blowers
Prophetic Prayer Against Fake News

Welcome to Prophetic Documenting



My name is Theresa Harvard Johnson, founder of The School of the Scribe! I am excited that you have enrolled in this course, Prophetic Documenting: Preserving Inclusive Histories From Where You Are.


Its purpose is to help students gain some basic but critical skills centered around documenting projects. This course is for those who are interested in completing projects that can someday serve as credible, historical artifacts.


We are living in unprecedented times due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The whole world is in crisis. While we know this will pass, many believers are feeling the push to document this time in history. In some of our communities, museums, news agencies and historical societies are asking people across the community to document their stories. But you, the prophetic voices in the land, are feeling this push as well.


Prophetic Documenting is designed to help everyday believers – at any skill level – learn how to build credibility with their projects. It is taught from an introductory, journalistic perspective with a prophetic edge. In fact, you will learn the importance of documentation, the power of credibility, how to produce credible artifacts, how to conduct interviews, how to cite or attribute sources, how to vet sources, how to properly and professionally document artifacts… and so much more. You’re also going to learn how all of this fits within your assignment or your calling as a prophetic scribe!


If you are serious about documenting, then it is important to give people trustworthy or reliable information. In this world of fake news and questionable truth, it has become increasingly difficult to know fact from fiction, the truth from a lie. While we cannot guarantee anything as it relates to history, we can implement some practical solutions that will enable others to track, cross-reference, or otherwise prove your artifact has merit. 

"NEVER FORGET that history is not simply a study of the past or past events. It is the re-telling of the past based on present evidence and artifacts. Every single day, new artifacts emerge -- whether it is the discovery of an ancient city or the power of DNA that traces ancestry back 2,000 years. Every time a new artifact is discovered the story of history advances globally. For you, this means that THE PART YOU HAVE right now could change the understanding of history in the future - widening or broadening perspectives. This is why history is LIVING... not dead. When we understand this... we can effectively contribute to how history is remembered. The 21st century affords every living person this opportunity thanks to technology." -- Theresa Harvard Johnson




Theresa Harvard Johnson spent nearly two decades as a news journalist, where she earned writing awards and recognitions from Georgia Better Newspapers, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press, the Georgia Press Association, and the Georgia Association of Educator's School Bell Awards. She currently writes for GODTV, has been published on the Identity Network, and in numerous news magazines and Christian publications including Charisma Magazine, The Answer Newspaper, and the former Rejoice Atlanta News.

Her professional work covered multiple segments including local and federal crime, politics, celebrity profiles, and education. She also used her knowledge of the media to run public relations campaigns for political candidates, support local community boards, and as a communications executive in university, non-profit,
and state arenas over the course of her career.

Theresa is also the progenitor of The Scribal Anointing® teachings, a 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is a rising historian tasked with uncovering academic, historic, and revelatory understanding of the “biblical” scribe. Her professional background in investigative news reporting, helped her to develop a prolific investigative skill set that she believes is responsible, in part, with helping her unveil the depth of The Scribal Anointing through the Scriptures. Currently, she holds a BA in Mass Communications where she specialized in Journalism & Public Relations, an MDIV in Biblical Studies, and an MA in Professional Writing. She now has her eyes on a Juris Doctorate in advocacy law.