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Releasing the Creative Prophetic Writer
Course Preparation
Preparing For This Course
Plagiarism & Copyright for Christians
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Your Creative Identity
Exploring Your Creativity
The Holy Imagination
Connecting Writing with the Prophetic
The Creative Prophetic Writer
A Brave New World Awaits You
Overcoming Obstacles to the New World
Creative Prophetic Writers & the Secular vs Sacred Divide
What YOUR New World Looks Like
BONUS - Innovative Approaches in Your New World

The Calling to Create
The Prophetic Calling To Create
What does it REALLY mean to have a calling
The ULTIMATE Purpose of Creativity
Five Areas of Prophetic Writing
BONUS: The Misunderstood Ministry of the Prophetic Comedian
BONUS: The Unusual Ministry of the Prophetic, Creative Letter Writer
Reinforcing HIS Intention

The Accountable Creative Prophetic Writer
How to Spiritually Discern Your Writing & the Writing of Others

Unlocking Your Creative Sound
Called To Specialize
Recognizing Your Unique Sound
Why YOUR Sound Matters
The Heart of a Master

Walking Through The Hard Places
Confronting Comparison, Competition & Compromise
Confronting Opposition To Your Calling
Healing the Creative Prophetic Writer

In this lesson, we will examine the prophetic call to creative as introduced in scripture

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