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Addressing Plagiarism & Copyright for Prophetic Scribes

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A Closer Look At Your Personal Scribal Journey
Scribal Beauty: Testimony of Theresa Harvard Johnson
Uncovering Your Scribal Beauty
How to Overcome Self Sabotage - A Debilitating Stronghold
Recovering the Stolen Voice
Introducing the Teachable Teacher

Scribes in Biblical Antiquity
Six Critical Points on Teaching The Scribal Anointing®
The Weight of Your Scribal Election
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Releasing The Scribal Anointing®
Embracing The Present Day Scribe
The Scribal Ministry Burden
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Releasing The Scribal Anointing®
BONUS: A Powerful Scribal Tradition That Is Completely Ignored Today
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The Ezra Legacy
The Ezra Scribal Legacy
The Zeal of Ezra
The Five Dispensations of Scribal Ministry
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The Ministry of the Prophetic Scribe
Field Trip: Children, Youth & Young Adults
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Clarifying the Relationship between the Prophetic Scribe & The Prophetic Writer
The Balancing Act of the Prophetic Writer
Prophetic Writing Challenges
Field Trip: Adult Books
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - Eph 4 Scribal Callings
The Ephesians 4 Prophetic Writing Realm
The Calling & Ministry of the Scribal Prophet
The Prophetic Scribe & the Voice of the Lord

Transforming Your Scribal Ministry
Transforming Your Scribal Ministry
Your Gift Does Not Define You
Identifying and Breaking Goats & Wolf Mentality in Scribal Ministry
Motives & Motivation in Prophetic Scribal Ministry
Ministry vs Entertainment in Prophetic Scribal Ministry
QUIZ: Transforming Your Scribal Ministry
Three Types of Christian Writers

Confronting Scribal Warfare
Clearly Defining Scribal Warfare
Three Systems in Operation
The Greek Influence on the 21st Century Scribe
The Demonic Scribe & Scribal Warfare
The Scribal Administrative, Creative & Instructional Response
BONUS SESSION - The Scattering and Restoration of the Artisans & Scribes
BONUS SESSION - Summoning the Commanders of the City
QUIZ: Confronting Scribal Warfare

Unleashing The Scribal Anointing
Reinforcing the Ezra Pattern
Critical Importance of Praying Scribal Prayers
Unleashing The Scribal Anointing

The Master Teacher
QUIZ: Preparing Master Teachers
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Addressing Plagiarism & Copyright for Prophetic Scribes

Plagiarism and copyright violation are critical issues in the academic, literaray, and creative arts. It is becoming an increasing ethical issue among congregations as well. This is intrinsically a scribal issue, especially since scribal ministry runs through every major vein of society (professionally, academically and spiritually) and is just now rising to the forefront in apostolic-prophetic communities.

Navigating the issue of plagiarism in the 21st century congregation is a pioneering endeavor for all involved. As scribes, we have the opportunity to set the standard for how we respond to these issues, especially in climates where a knowledge of this issue is not clear. It is imperative that we learn about plagiarism and copyright; and consider how it affects our specific communities.

An overview of plagiarism is provided below. I strongly encourage students in the CTT self-study program to purchase this book, "The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels." 

In addition, a free PowerPoint presentation on spiritual plagiarism and a PDF document is provided below. Students may also use these resources freely in their presentations and as handouts "as is" (unaltered). 

Scribe School resources include:

Additional Resources:


The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism PDF (FREE TO DISTRIBUTE)


PowerPoint Presentation on Plagiarism (Free to Use w/out Changes)