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Plagiarism & Copyright for Christians
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Plagiarism & Copyright for Christians

Navigating the issue of plagiarism in the 21st century congregation is a pioneering endeavor for all involved. As scribes, we have the opportunity to set the standard for how we respond to these issues, especially in climates where a knowledge of this issue is not clear. It is imperative that we learn about plagiarism and copyright; and consider how it affects our specific communities.

An overview of plagiarism is provided below. I strongly encourage students to learn about plagiarism and copyright infringement. I also recommend my book, "The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels." 

In addition, a free PowerPoint presentation on spiritual plagiarism and a PDF document is provided below. Students may also use these resources freely in conference presentations and as handouts "as is" (unaltered). 

Scribe School resources include:

Additional Resources: