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Welcome & Introduction
Plagiarism & Copyright for Christians
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Review & Reflection
Stop Starting Over
The Life Assessment
Finding What Matters
Believing in You
Building Your Blueprint
Getting to the Finish Line
Hard Review Necessary Reflection
Visualizing Your Prophetic Scribal Blueprint

Your Finish Line
Time To Keep Moving

Welcome & Introduction


This is a 7-week course specifically designed for "prophetic scribes" who desire to overcome the cycle of starting and stopping... but never finishing. This course is based on my ebooklet, "The Prophetic Scribe's Blueprint," which is focused on walking prophetic scribes through solutions that help them develop a "blueprint" to keep them focused, on track and moving toward completion.

It's easy to tell someone to "Stay focused and get it done!"

But sometimes, we need that support system, an encouraging team, some accountability and an environment where our specific callings and ministry is fully understood. This course helps with that... and I'm walking with you through it as well. What makes this course stand out is that it is tailored to "the ministry of the prophetic scribe" -- whether you are writing a book, designing a blog, building an online course or dusting off a scribal project from a decade ago.

You can start, you can finish and you DO NOT have to do it alone!

Each session features a video teaching that ranges from 15 - 52 minutes, along with a free booklet, teachings, multiple worksheets in each session, etc. that walk you through these solutions.