Testimonies from people concerning their experience with The School of the Scribe.

As a poet I am researching and collecting information to begin a Poetic Ministry at my church home, and in searching I came across your web site, which is great! Upon reviewing your site I became so excited and have even received confirmation to begin my ministry.

Posted By: L. Hooks


This workshop has helped me to understand fully the purpose for my poetic ministry. I never knew the depth and the urgency of it until now. This knowledge has helped me to grasp who I really am in Christ, and how my gift fits together with God's whole plan.

Posted By: A. Gordon


"I was sitting at my desk and the anointing fell in my house and the Lord said a bell, so I went on line looking to see what a bell has to do with the Bible. But everything I was looking at was not right, so I went back to read a column I found on prophetic writing and when I put it in the browser I found you and started reading and listening and the anointing fell so heavy in my house, I would love to talk to you. I do not know what God is doing but I am obedient to what he tells me to do."

Posted By: J. Hicks 


"I earned a Master's degree in elementary education from the University of Virginia, it actually had little to do with the emergence of this new spiritual vocation. However, I employ many of the teaching techniques and strategies acquired in graduate school in my clinic intensives. But it was a gradual realization that I had something to say about Yah's passion for me and where I fit into His overall plan. It was the task of exchanging my rags of silence for royal vestments of written and spoken word. It became my way of giving Yah another voice in the earth. It evolved from cultivating my own garden of inner healing to helping other women to reap and sow their own fruits of healing. This past September, I attended a Voices of Christ conference on Scribal Anointing led by Theresa Harvard Johnson, the founder. I already had the blood of my work flowing within me — this four-day intensive served as the skeletal system and vital organs that brought the fragments of my vision into one fully-functioning body."

Posted By: P. McPherson 


It has been such a blessing from the Lord to have come across your ministry and receive such refreshing from the wells that flow from within you. Thanks for your graciousness and for being an exemplary leader. I can only pray more grace upon you

Posted By: T. Emmanuel 


Each word spoke to where I am in this moment and confirmed some things Holy Spirit told me even years ago- one of which is that I was going into dark places to pull people out from them! He even gave me a scripture from Ezra so I would have no doubt that I am to take His stolen treasures, His people, out of Babylon and return them to the temple, the kingdom of God! Had I not been sitting in the car I would have fallen out on the floor! As the apostles and prophets were speaking He even showed me a vision of the dream I had digging up clams! My God, my God! So much clarity in the midst of wondering why I was so out of step with most of the people around me… I can't thank you and the others enough- yes I’m praising God for the revelation that went forth tonight. Oh my goodness!

Posted By: B. Howard 


Thank you for your obedience to Holy Spirit. My life was changed forever. I came with great expectancy and Holy Spirit did the work. My prayer was for clarity and focus. What an encounter with Jesus! I am grateful to give birth to the scribal ministry that the Father has placed within me. I am seeking Him for personal development and strategy of the treasure that He placed in me.

Posted By: W. Townsend 

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The Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe (The School of the Scribe) is the premiere empowerment and learning center for developing and growing in understanding the office of the scribe, prophetic writing and scribal ministry. The School of the Scribe is based on the revelation of The Scribal Anointing from pioneering teachings by Theresa Harvard Johnson.

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